Vibrational Raindrop Technique Training

Be Among the First to Learn and Recieve this Pathway to Well-Being

Incorporating tuning forks into Raindrop Technique, which adds the harmonics of sound vibration, takes your raindrop experience and practice to a whole new level.

My 87 year old mother said that adding the tuning forks in made the Raindrop session 3D!! Using tuning forks during Raindrop technique was developed by Christi Bonds-Garrett, M.A., M.D. a speaker at the 2011 Young Living Convention.

All oils used in the session are included and there will be sets of tuning forks to use during the training. Tuning forks will be available for purchase after the class.

During the class you will be receiving a full session and you will facilitate two sessions. The class has a limit of six students giving each participation personal attention.

Please note that although you do not have to know how to do Raindrop in order to take this class, prior training in Vita-Flex and Raindrop technique is recommended.

What is Vibrational Raindrop?

Raindrop is a method of applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the feet and back using various techniques. The vibration comes from adding tuning forks to the technique at optimal times during the session.

Why use tuning forks during Raindrop?

Tuning forks bring sound vibration into the session. They add another dimension of vibration to the body working in synergy with the oils, vitaflex and the facilitator. These vibrations can be calming to the mind, and may work to further tune all the systems of the body. According to Jonathan Goldman, a respected sound healer, “frequency + intention = healing”. We know the power of the frequencies inherent in the oils and vitaflex – how powerful to add in the tuning forks.

What effect do the tuning forks have on the overall Raindrop Session?

As with any modality, each person is unique and will experience something unique for them. My experience with a Vibrational Raindrop was that during the session I felt that the qualitative experience went deeper and afterwards I experienced a strong euphoric state.