Pure, Authentic Essential Oils

Did you know that there are important differences between a pure, authentic essential oil and a perfume grade essential oil? Every part of the process, from seed to the final bottling of the product, affects the quality of the essential oil.

Historically, essential oils were used to cover up industrial odors. This practice has continued through today, where most essential oils on the market are created only for smell. When the goal for a product is uniformity in smell, there isn't a concern for the therapeutic benefits of the product. Many manufactures want to produce oils that will smell exactly the same from the bottle you buy this year, to the bottle you buy next year. But in nature the plant may smell differently each year depending on many external factors.

At Massage & Essential Oil Therapy only pure, authenntic essential oils are used. This means that any product that is put on you is tested for purity, distilled in such a way that all of the properties of the plant are retained, is organic, and may be ingestible.

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