Client and Workshop Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Having played sports my entire life and reaching my goal in the mid 80's of playing professional football, I have to say your massage was one of the better I have ever received in my career. You can imagine how many massages and treatments I have had over the years but I really enjoyed the deep and relaxing massage which you provided me. Your targeted use of essential oils took the massage to a whole new level.

Thanks again and I look forward to the next time!"

Bobby Ball (1963-2010)- Former NFL Football Player - 1984 Cleveland Browns - 1985 Generals - Rest in Peace Bobby...

"The combination of deep massage with the wondrous essential oils produce a bliss and well being that linger long after a session with Maria."

Sarah C.

"Massage & Essential Oil Therapy has lowered my blood pressure, alleviated my headaches and raised my spirits. Maria should add the word "Healer" to her shingle. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Peter K.

"I suffered from anxiety/panic attacks. When I went to see Maria for the first time, she took enough time to find out about my condition and any medications I was taking. I have been seeing Maria on a weekly basis and the results have been great. At first I couldn't really relax, but now I relax to the point that I can easily fall asleep during the massage. Maria is very caring and her hands with the combination of the oils she uses are just miraculous. Thank you Maria."

Liliana V.

Maria, thank you so much for the wonderful Raindrop Technique session! Although I have had Raindrop a few times before, I never really understood the Vita Flex portion of the technique - until now. A few minutes after you started the Vita Flex, I felt as if pathways were opening throughout my body. At first it was just from my feet to my shoulders, but then it spread across my chest and down my arms. I could actually visualize "highways" of energy running throughout my body - it was an amazing feeling. Overall the session left me feeling both relaxed and energized - the energy felt good,not artificial like caffeine. I felt very balanced, as if everything in my life and body were in place. I think the word I used was "centered" - that is how I felt. I know that my positive experience was due to your skill and to the wonderful powers of the Young Living Oils. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me."

Diane S.

Workshop Testimonials:

"As a life long student with a thirst to learn as much as I can within the fields of anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, massage therapy and the like, I decided to explore the realm of aromatherapy. I found myself very fortunate that I took Raindrop Therapy and Vita Flex with Maria Turchi.

Maria demonstrates a command and passion over this material. A true seasoned Young Living enthusiast, she brings an organized and fun approach to learning. Her dedication to "owning" the material makes the student yearn for more."

Thank you Maria!

Barbara Sanchez-Reichert, LMT

"After receiving the Raindrop Technique and experiencing a feeling of well being, I wanted to learn how to provide this service. Maria provided a comfortable setting with training materials and complete knowledge of the oils and Raindrop Technique. Her instruction was easy to follow and very hands on! I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn how to give this therapeutic technique."

Pia A., Nutritional Coach, CNC

"We loved Maria's class. It was very informative and wonderful. We will be calling her to come teach at our Spa in Long Island."