Teen Massage Services

Today teens are constantly on the go and are vulnerable to physical and emotional stressors. Teen massage is a wonderful way to help reduce emotional stress, align the body and soothe aching muscles.

Massage is highly beneficial for soreness from hunching over school desks, sports activites, and playing video games.

Teens may take home a sample of their favorite aromatherapy scent.

Teen Back Massage-30 min $ 55

Concentrating on the back, neck, arms and shoulder's, this is a perfect introduction to massage or a way to help a busy young adult relax and unwind.

Teen Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage-30 min $ 55

This combination is great for a sporty teen looking for a little relief from an active lifestyle. It includes 10 minute scalp & face massage and 20 minute neck, shoulder & arm massage.

Teen Full Body Massage-60 min $ 90

Designed to relax over-used or stressed muscles for the active young adult. Great for a power nap before an exam or to unwind afterwords. This full-body massage uses gentle Swedish strokes or a more firmer sports massage.

Please note: Parent/guardian must give written consent for teen massage services.