Professional Workshops for Spa's, Wellness Centers and Groups

Professional Workshops are offered in either a one day or two day format. The following classes are available:

Raindrop Technique - uses a sequence of essential oils designed to provide support for the nervous system, support the immune system, support healthy joint and cartilage function,help support healthy bone structure and promotes emotional wellbeing.

Raindrop technique is the therapeutic application of essential oils applied to the feet and dropped like raindrops down the length of the spine.

Vita-Flex - A Tibetan reflexology technique that literally means "vitality through the reflexes." Essential oils are applied to contact points on the legs, feet and spine. Vita-Flex uses a rolling and releasing motion, which is exceptionally effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils throughout the body. Vita Flex repairs breaks in electrical circuits caused by toxins, damaged tissues, or loss of oxygen and may release tension, congestion, and imbalance.

Integration of Essential Oils into massage - This class will focus on the benefits of therapeutic essential oils, teaching the therapist how to choose specific oils, providing information to clients, and essential oil safety.

Classes are tailored to the specific needs of spa professionals, medical doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, dentists, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, homeopathics, veterinarians, mental health practitioners, end-of-life caretakers, gynecologists, midwives, doulas, energy healers, nutritional counselors, fitness and longevity specialists, and anyone interested in natural health solutions.

Professional Workshop Clients include the following:

RitualSpa, 4 Water Street, Guilford, CT Nancy Wilson, Owner

Coralcare GmbH, Schongrund 26, CH-6343 Rotkreuz, Switzerland, Sandra DiTulllio, Holistic Retreat Director

CGI Holistic Esse Rose Salon, 111 Homans Avenue, Closter, NJ, Isabel Fortoul, Spa Manager

Richard Scott Salon & Day Spa, 15-17 South Moger Avenue, Mt. Kisco, NY, Jennifer Lenti, Spa Manager, Leon Moreno, Co-Owner

RiverSpa, 50 South Buckout Street, Irvington, NY 10533, Christine Seymour, Spa Manager

Please call 201-655-4253 to set up your personalized Professional Workshop