MindBody Connection

How does the bodies response work?

What is the MindBody Connection? The natural state of being is balance. When your life is in balance, you feel good, think good thoughts, and enjoy life more fully. How do you go towards balance physically and emotionally?

Your body is a wonderful creator of hormones and peptides that release their health giving messengers every second of every day. It is been found that the immune system communicates with the entire body, from head to toe, releasing chemical messengers that affect every illness or disease we have.

Stress seems to be the buzzword that everyone uses to describe an out-of-balance state. All of the bodily systems whether they are controlled by the autonomic or central nervous systems are subjected to stress.

So the question is what is stress? The word stress in popular usage has come to mean anything that makes us not feel good. Stress is also felt to be something that comes from outside of ourselves, (i.e. I am stressed out because my alarm clock didn't go off and I was late to work) that then manifests in our body as everything from being in a bad mood, or having a headache, to chronic conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

So how does stress become physical ailments? The chemical messengers that our body sends to keep us healthy, can be blocked by chemical messengers that are being sent by our emotions to the very same receptor sites.

How does bodywork with essential oils make me feel better?

Pure, authentic essential oils provide support for the nervous system, alleviate occasional nervous irritability, refresh the body and/or mind, promote emotional well-being, protect the body and contribute to better health.

Because of these abilities, essential oils are included in every massage and bodywork session.

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