Infant Massage

Infant Massage 90 minutes:  $125

Your session includes a full body massage for your infant aged 3 months to 18 months as well as instructions for the caregiver on:

Benefits of Baby/Child Massage

Do’s & Don’ts


Reading your baby’s cue’s

General relaxation massage techniques

Specific techniques for colic, gas & stress

Using aromatherapy with babies and children

Infant massage is nothing new. For centuries people have been massaging their babies.

For the Infant massage may: Increase: • sense of love • sense of accomplishment • sense of respect • sense of trust • sense of self-esteem Improve: • communication • body awareness • relaxation/release of stress • muscle tone coordination • hormonal function • digestion and elimination • circulation and respiration Promote: • healthy bonding and attachment • body/mind connection • beneficial sleep pattern • hormonal functioning • weight gain Reduce Discomfort: • from teething • from congestion • from gas • from colic • from emotional stress

For the Caregiver infant massage may: Increase: • confidence in parenting • verbal communication • non-verbal communication • self-esteem Improve: • knowledge of infant's cues • relaxation • sense of well-being • harmony between caregiver and infant's overall health Promote: • bonding • valuable parenting skills • self-knowledge • quality time • sharing time Reduce: • feeling of frustration • stress of parenthood