Raindrop Technique Class

Raindrop technique is a sequence of applying essential oils to the feet and back which supports wellness and overall body balance.  This powerful technique combines the essential oils with the bodies own energy systems.

In Raindrop technique class you will gain a dynamic skill that that has been taught to professionals and lay people interested in learning a simple, effective, modality.

In this class you will learn:

    *The history and origin of Raindrop technique

    *The science behind Raindrop technique

    *Why specific oils are used

    *How Raindrop technique works with the body

    *How to properly evaluate someone before giving a Raindrop

The class will include a Raindrop technique lecture and demonstration.

Students will have the opportunity to receive a session and facilitate two sessions.

Each participant gets to see a Raindrop, experience a Raindrop, and practice doing Raindrop twice with supervision.

Each Raindrop Session Includes:

Vitaflex - an ancient Tibetan energy technique - application of 9 essential oils to each foot

Dropping 9 essential oils along the spine pathway using Vitaflex techniques,Feathering up the spine - a Native American energy techniques - and massage techniques to to enhance the supportive properties of the essential oils

Classes are small with no more than 6 students to insure close supervision in hands-on training. Please contact Maria G. Turchi if you would like to arrange a class with more students.